Team Twenty20 UCI Professional Cycling Team

A professional cycling web site that accurately reflects TWENTY20's organizations goals, objectives, and identity. Concept, artwork, and layout was designed and developed based on creative briefs and client meetings. Web site uses web-page design tools such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator, using web protocols such as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash. Other responsibilities include QA testing and debugging, multi-browser usability as well as cross-platform compatibility.


Web Designer/Developer - Corel Guide Intranet Portals
Responsibility was to design, manage development, and implement Corel cunsumer product Intranet sites providing training, updates and templates for multiple Corel software applications. Product portal design began in Photoshop, working extensively with Corel's marketing team regarding branding and usability. Photoshop files were then converted to working Intranet prototypes, implemented with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Final front end code then handed off to Corel's development team. Click on the link below to see an example of the prototype.
Corel Guide


Software e-Commerce portal for Roxio consumer products. As part of a web design and development team, my responsibilities served as web designer/producer, managing website updates and improvements through internal coordination with IT development, business owners and quality assurance teams. Responsible for coordinating efforts of third-party web site localization vendors for the web site in 15 different languages. Additional responsibilities include QA testing & debugging, cross-browser functionality as well as cross-platform compatibility.

Sonic Solutions

3 phase redesign of corporate web site for Sonic Solutions. As Web Designer/Developer my responsiplities were to redesign, managed development, and implement Sonic's new website. Worked closely with the marketing team to ensure design was translated accurately. CSS, Flash and JavaScript implementation, as well as Quality Assurance testing of the website, and communicating changes to critical users, including senior management. Additional responsibilities include analyzing web measurement data to make recommendations and implement improvements. Do to company restructuring, only Phase 1 of the redesign was completed.

PeoplePC Online

Creative Director responsible for all online entities including creation, layout, and promotional materials for both acquisition and member web sites. Worked closely with the marketing team to ensure designs are translated accurately to reflect brand identity, objectives, and goals. Coordinated efforts of third-party vendors and the web team, Lead in ensuring optimum website usability and simplicity for customers, managed website updates and improvements via coordination with IT development, project managers and QA teams. Additional responsibilities include analyzing web measurement data and focus group testing to make recommendations and implement improvements.