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Sonic's Extended Developer Group is pleased to announce the release of BD Reauthor – a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Sonic Scenarist®. With BD Reauthor, any BD title created with any authoring application becomes a "living archive" that can be accessed to extract assets or used to update and refresh a completed title in Scenarist. BD Reauthor is a must-have utility that provides competitive advantage for any studio or professional BD authoring facility, speeding up title revisions and production at an unprecedented rate.

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Here's a list of just a few of the things BD Reauthor can provide your business:

Import Any Unencrypted Blu-ray Disc into Sonic Scenarist

BD Reauthor can analyze and open any existing multiplexed (unencrypted) Blu-ray Disc title (HDMV or BD-J) to create a fully functional authoring project - complete with elementary assets - ready for further authoring work within Scenarist.

Unique Blu-ray Disc Enhancement Workflow

Use BD Reauthor to expand on titles from partner companies who may have used entry-level or "Phase 1" authoring systems - like Adobe® Encore®, Sonic DVDit® Pro HD, or Sony® Blu-print - to begin a project and take the title to a new level using the power of Sonic Scenarist.

Extract Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for reuse

BD Reauthor can extract assets from multiplexed titles, such as elementary Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for reuse, saving time hunting around for any lost assets or authoring sequences.

Universal Authoring Support

BD Reauthor can open titles created by any existing Blu-ray Disc authoring application so it doesn't matter which BD authoring tool was used to create the original title.

Seamless Integration with Sonic Scenarist

The output from BD Reauthor can be opened immediately within Sonic Scenarist. BD Reauthor automatically creates all required project files and assets including Scenarist Designer compatible menu files and CSV chapter lists.

Integrated Verification and Auto-correction

BD Reauthor automatically checks imported titles for typical problems and spec incompatibilities and provides users with the opportunity to fix any problems automatically.

Convenient and Efficient Project Archiving

Storing archived projects requires a lot of disc space. Using BD Reauthor, projects can be archived on a conveniently playable BD-R and restored when required for additional development or re-purposing using Sonic Scenarist.

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Further Information

Additional product information and demonstrations are available from your regional Sonic representative:

  • U.S.A. West - Maria Tsilimidos - Tel: +1.818.823.4027
  • U.S.A. East - Brian Murphy - Tel: +1.415.893.7832
  • Europe – Chris Neely - Tel: +44.20.7437.1100
  • Pacific Rim, Central, and Latin America - Terry Marshall - Tel: +1.818.357.7825

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